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What's the problem with ELSTER? And who is ERiC?

ELSTER is the official tax filing API of the German Ministry of Finance. Its development library named ERiC is complex, cumbersome to use and needs to be maintained constantly. Because documentation for ELSTER is available in German language only, it is oftentimes not feasible for international businesses or clearing houses to integrate German tax reporting functionality in their software.


has been developed
specifically to overcome this hurdle.

ELSTER was never and will never be designed for international use. You won't find ERiC documented in English anywhere. But you no longer need to: Thanks to tigerVAT it is now easy to connect your (or your clients') software to the German tax office and submit VAT reports. It is a fully-fledged substitute for ELSTER and ERiC. Just make use of our REST web service and declare your VAT advance returns directly to the German tax authorities.

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Simple integration

tigerVAT is easy to understand because its functionality has been stripped down to the essential. And because everything is clearly laid out the API can be implemented in your software in no time.


Platform agnostic

Our tax filing API is a REST web service available in JSON and XML – it can be employed by virtually any software, regardless of programming language or operating system.

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English documentation

tigerVAT is fully documented in concise English. No need to translate and study the 400+ pages ELSTER documentation which is only available in German language.


Future proof

The German tax system is changing constantly and so does the official tax filing API. But you no longer need to worry about that: tigerVAT keeps pace with all the development – at no extra cost.


Secure and encrypted

Because tigerVAT is a wrapper around ELSTER it inherits and complements its high security standards:
Transfers are fully encrypted and in accordance with German privacy and data safety laws.


Full service support

By using tigerVAT's services you also benefit from our many years of expertise in Germany's tax system. We proactively keep you in the loop about any new guidelines or laws from the tax authorities.

Supported tax types

tigerVAT offers the means to declare all relevant types of German value added tax registrations, whether for non-EU software vendors or Chinese Amazon retailers and eBay sellers:

  • monthly and quarterly VAT reports ("Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung")
  • VAT filings for the entire fiscal year ("Umsatzsteuererklärung")
  • EC Recapitulative Statements ("Zusammenfassende Meldung")
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Still feeling lost?

If you are unsure about your requirements, we've got you covered: We offer consulting services ranging from general evaluation of your needs up to actively supporting you during in-house implementation of ELSTER in your company. Just contact us.

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